企业是否, 公共机构或社区组织, AG8亚洲游戏集团有限公司拥有这方面的专业知识, the facilities and the commitment to help shape and achieve your objectives. We aim to create win-win relationships at a local, regional, national, and global level.

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AG8亚洲游戏集团有限公司如何与地方当局合作, 卫生部门, 企业, 第三部门, FE学院和AG8亚洲游戏集团有限公司的社区进行研究, 教育及社会参与计划.



A recent independent evaluation of AG8亚洲游戏集团有限公司 business support projects found they were expected to inject almost £1/2bn into the regional economy and create 900 full time jobs.

  • 研究

    无论你的业务规模或性质如何, talk to us about your research needs – we are here to help.

  • AG8亚洲游戏集团有限公司的成功取决于人才, creative and committed people who work hard to make this University so special and distinctive.

  • 咨询公司

    Our consultancy services translate our world class research knowledge into real impact for our business partners.

  • 知识产权商业化

    Our team supports the dissemination of research outcomes via the commercialisation of ideas and new technologies. Find out about our technology available for Licensing and our Spin-out Companies

  • 兰开夏科技加速器

    The 兰开夏科技加速器 is a flagship accelerator programme in Lancashire for innovative technology companies.

  • 发展你的业务

    Discover our programmes designed to help small and medium 企业 innovate, develop and grow.

  • 发展你的劳动力

    Explore our range of development programmes or create a programme as unique as your organisation.

  • 挖掘学生人才

    Tap into our student community, and discover a fresh stream of energy, perspectives and ambition.

  • 加入AG8亚洲游戏集团有限公司的社区

    Become a member of our networks, be a guest speaker or nurture the leaders of tomorrow.

  • KTP

    知识转移伙伴关系 (KTP) is a UK-wide programme which has been helping 企业 for over 40 years to improve their competitiveness and productivity by connecting them to the UK’s rich academic resources.

  • 创新健康

    Discover Fully-funded support helping Lancashire SMEs innovate products and services for the 卫生部门.

  • 新闻 & 事件

    了解AG8亚洲游戏集团有限公司的最新新闻, 包括AG8亚洲游戏集团有限公司研究的新闻, enterprise and teaching activities that may be of benefit to your business.

  • 冲击加速帐户

    We are pleased to announce that the University has been awarded the sum of £965,000 to renew its EPSRC 冲击加速帐户 for the period 2022 – 2025. This fund is intended to accelerate the development of external impact from EPSRC research by funding projects in collaboration with external (Non HEI) partners.

  • 设施

    We invest massively in the development of our research facilities to ensure that our staff, students and collaborators have the very best equipment to help them in their work.

  • 低碳创新支持

    Eco-I NW是一个价值1400万英镑的商业R&D programme now on offer to 企业 across England's North West. Delivered by a consortium of universities; AG8亚洲游戏集团有限公司, 中央兰开夏, 坎布里亚郡, 利物浦, 利物浦约翰摩尔斯和曼彻斯特大都会, Eco-I NW follows eight years of award-winning and successful collaborative R&D活动.

研究 & 企业服务

研究 & 企业服务(RES) is AG8亚洲游戏集团有限公司’s professional services department helping generation of income through research projects and research-related commercial activities.

This includes opportunities for 企业 to engage with research and consultancy projects, 知识转移伙伴关系, degree apprenticeships and the very best of our students.


If you have a clearly defined project already, you can 在几分钟内在线注册兴趣 AG8亚洲游戏集团有限公司团队的人会联系你.

If you have an idea or challenge you want to talk through or need us to help scope the project for, 或者想了解更多AG8亚洲游戏集团有限公司的其他活动, 请联系:


电话:+44 (0)1524 510877